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Updated: Sep 13, 2023

It's back, friends! Introducing the gem[stone] project two, made with blue jade + sandalwood.

Have you heard of Concrete Living? Concrete Living is a full-day of physical + mental fitness held on Mondays in North Vancouver’s stunning Pipe Shop at Shipbuilders’ Square.

With many years of experience in the wellness field, co-founders Alix Dunham and Lindsay Deakin offer classes for all ages, abilities, genders and economic situations; intentionally adding a few small things into their students' lives that bring joy, rest, grounding and connection. This welcoming community is for everybody.

Quaintrelle has joined forces with Concrete Living to make wellness more accessible (again!). Designed for those struggling to find access to wellness programs that fit within their budget, the gem[stone] program is back for a second season - allowing members of our community (primarily young adults) to prioritize their mental + physical wellbeing through yoga and meditation, without the financial burden.

Tell me more! Purchase a limited edition Quaintrelle Design Co. x Concrete Living gem[stone] bracelet for $50, and you'll be enrolled in the current or upcoming semester of your choice of STACK or CEMENT MIXER, on us. Known for its peaceful, stabilizing and strengthening properties, your blue jade bracelet is intended to bring you all the good vibes during class.

How does it work? This option is designed for people earning below the living wage and/or struggling to fit mental health into their budget. In our eyes, everyone should have access to mental health and wellness programs. There's no strings attached - we just want your lovely self to come join us (in your new handmade bracelet)!

Is this for me? This option is intended for students, young people, single parents etc. If you feel it is for you, it is.

Can I purchase a bracelet, without the pass? We've created an option for those in a position to purchase a standard membership, but still fancying a bracelet. Contribute a minimum of $50 towards the Concrete Living scholarship fund and receive a limited edition Quaintrelle Design Co. x Concrete Living gem[stone] bracelet to wear to class as a thank you. The Concrete Living Scholarship Fund gives us the ability to offer our wellness programs at no charge to folks who may need some financial help. In the first term of Concrete Living, we were able to offer Grit 9-11yrs to 3 awesome kids, Grey MATR to 2 amazing people, and yoga to a bunch of folks who needed a bit of a break. We are so grateful for you all.

When do I get my bracelet? Your bracelet will be waiting for you at your Concrete Living first/next class!

Can I purchase this again, if I purchased last term? Absolutely - we'd love you to.

Together, our hope is that you feel comfortable opting for this membership — our community is welcome no matter their financial situation (we get it - life is expensive!). Concrete Living is a safe, inclusive and judgement-free space. I'll be at Cement Mixer every Monday night, so whether you join me then, or register for any of Concrete Living's cozy classes, I hope to see you around!




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