permanent jewellery faq

the micro laser is safe and entirely painless. there is no contact between the jewellery and your skin, the laser simply fuses the chain together.

does it hurt?

our jewellery is minimal yet durable and designed to last. if you need to take your chain off for any reason, simply cut the ring where it was originally welded using scissors. you can bring it back to us at any time and we can re-weld it for a fee.

what if i need to take it off?

chains are available in .925 sterling silver and 14kt solid yellow gold. bracelets start at $75. see pricing here.

add-on charms are coming soon!

what materials are used?

each appointment lasts typically 15 minutes per person, but the welding is done in seconds right before your eyes. to get the most out of this luxurious experience, we ask that you arrive a little early for your session.

how long does it take?

can i sweat, shower and swim in my jewellery?

yes! your permanent jewellery is designed to last and is safe for even the most sensitive skin. if you notice any tarnishing, you can gently rub your piece with a polishing cloth to clean it.

does it have to be permanent?

if you’re hesitant to commit (but want in on the action), we can custom-fit a bracelet/anklet with a clasp on the spot.